Difficulties and Challenges Faced By an Android developer

7:12 pm on Monday 9 July 2018

There are various things to consider with regards to Android. From its worldwide users to its free accessibility and to its broad use in all devices - from phones to tablets to smartwatches is characteristic of its ubiquity. 

The most recent form of Google's mobile OS is Android Oreo and is accessible for specific devices. Speed and precision are what Oreo centers around. One of the essential advantages that Google's phones have by refreshing to Android 8.0 is the diminishment of boot time to half. Boot time saving solves annoying background tasks responsible for draining your battery and data plan. It has raised desires for users and has brought about the accessibility of phones in fluctuating screen sizes, hardware configurations, software versions, and chip structures. 

Regardless of colossal division, noteworthy bugs are obvious in view of sensible bugs. Bugs are preventable with the usage of the correct Android basics. 

Unpracticed and experienced Android developers confront noteworthy difficulties in their journey of building up an easy to use application. The Android application development course maps out the nuts and bolts and the propelled levels of Android development that encourages you turn into an effective developer. 

There are sure do's and don'ts that must be taken after for simple application advancement. Notwithstanding, in spite of following these standards, there are challenges that Android developers frequently run over. We should investigate a portion of those difficulties. 

High Software Fragmentation 

Different devices keep running on various forms of the Android OS, which makes it extreme for developers to stay informed concerning the progressions. While most developers stay aware of the most recent Android forms, this approach isn't all right little portion of Android users utilizes the most recent version of Android. The jumble of Android forms brings about passing up a major opportunity for a critical piece of target audience at the customer's end. 

Another issue is that Android enables OS customization to the major phone producers, for example, Samsung, LG, and Sony. This frequently brings about differing guidelines for every device. While a few devices convey outstandingly interesting highlights, others have just essential ones. 

Durable battery 

In spite of the way that Facebook and Spotify have high ability in the mobile application world, their applications abruptly expend the battery. Most energetic smartphone users frequently grumble about the battery life of their phones. Utilizing Lithium-particle batteries is a smart thought however application developers still face the test of building up an application that expends negligible juice. 

To leave a decent impression while giving ideal user encounter, an developer should design an application invested with the most recent highlights, excellent visuals, different communications to guarantee the application goes simple on the battery. 

Patent issues 

As indicated by late claims, highlights of your application may be proclaimed invalid, on account of the patent law. Because of claim issues, paying of licensing charges at maker's end is likewise a plausibility. Anticipating whether the application will get protected or not will be difficult, but rather this prosecution regularly makes developers uneasy while building an application. 

Workaround: Mobile application organizations think about this case and offer guidelines to developers appropriately. Google has made a solid position against patent case to guarantee it gets took after appropriately. As per Google, there are sure norms that each developer needs to take after while building up an application to get the patent with no problem. 

Application Marketing

Aside from designing and building up an application, what is considerably more vital is its marketing. The advertising platform, in some cases, ends up being very trying for Android developers if they don't know about the most recent promoting strategies. With our talk with application developers, we came to know about the accompanying huge promoting challenges that they confront. 

Organic App Discovery – How to guarantee that the application would-be searchable 

user Acquisition – How to draw in users to introduce the application 

Retention – How to expand users' retention rate 

Adaptation – This incorporates one-time buy, freemium demonstrate or in-application buy or in-application promoting 

Somebody may build up a quality application with incredible UI, designs, and usefulness, however in the event that they can't get it before the correct users, their application wouldn't get the profits. 

Application developers frequently depend on ASO (application store Optimization) or ad networks that further drive application installs and traffic, at the same time managing the worry of whether the consumption to get users is surpassing the cash streaming in the business. 

Hardware Compatibility

Android is a major platform. With such huge numbers of devices accessible for this platform, assembling a good application with shifted sizes turns into a test for an untrained expert. The accessibility of such a significant number of devices may even waste a great deal of time in managing different console design, diverse highlights, distinctive screen sizes, and the different camera.

Software Compatibility 

Alongside the accessibility of an assortment of hardware in the market that makes hardware discontinuity, a variety of OS form is additionally accessible out there. Because of the nearness of various OS forms, it ends up troublesome for Android developers to keep pace with every one of the variants of the Android. Numerous devices have not yet moved up to the most recent OS form, and this prompts breakdown of an application, or it won't not in any case appear to be practical on a more seasoned version. 


Android is a hearty platform that is scaling new statures with each new form. You can not anticipate that users will like your application except if it has everything that pulls in them. 

Android is presently all around and subsequently manifests the requirement for the correct projection in Android development before building an application to give the best user experience. So, if you like to build an android app and looking for the best android app development company then stop by Xeliumtech Solutions as we understand each and every requirement of user.

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