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The right CMS helps you in managing and delivering Content, User Roles and Rights, Themes and Templates, Workflows, DAM, automated publishing, easy internationalization and more. We help you choose, implement and integrate the best CMS in tune with your specific business needs and customer demands. We have some of the best developers for AEM, Hybris, Sitecore, Magento, Drupal and other Custom tools.



Adobe Experience Manager

A comprehensive CMS and Digital Marketing Solution integrated with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud offerings


An open source Digital Experience Content Management Software


SAP’s ecommerce product content management and omnichannel Solution Software


Open Source CMS for instant as well as custom websites and blogs


A customer experience management software that provides web content management and multichannel marketing automation solution


A well accepted open source Ecommerce Platform

AEM Consulting

Adobe Experience Manager

AEM being the market leader in Enterprise Content Management and Content Delivery Platform for Digital Commerce, Marketing and User centric conglomerates globally. Xeliumtech have teams adept in AEM

  • Well versed with the AEM 6.4 Architectural concepts & tool usage
  • Follow best practices in creating Multi-site and Multi-language projects in AEM
  • Setting up Multiple instances, Forward and Reverse replication with Dispatcher setup
  • Well acquainted with creating Editable Templates, Custom Components, Dialogs using Inheritance
  • Well versed with HTL, JCR, Sling, Granite Ui and OSGi bundles configuration
  • AWS cloud integration, External app server integrations, Data and Node store integrations
  • Manage MSM projects, Replication, Live copies, Rollouts and Syncups
  • Expertise in AEM multi module project creation and setup, Asset Management, Tag management, Searching, Logging, Siteadmin, Felix console
  • Maven, Lazybones, Brackets, Eclipse, CI/CD environments, Version control using Github
  • Well versed with Workflows, Launches, Searching, Tagging, Manage user groups and ACL's
  • Can streamline Authoring experiences, Personalization, Content and Experience Fragments
  • Integration with AEM Commerce, Communities, Forms, Mobile and Adobe Marketing Cloud


Drupal is powerful highly flexible feature rich CMS for heavy use centric platforms. Drupal team at Xeliumtech is committed to creating exceptional world class web solutions even for the most complex sites -

  • Extended scalable solution as per business requirement
  • Highly secured Drupal architectural system
  • Providing performance booster solution without disrupting functionalities, even at peak traffic
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Integration of elastic search and soler search with Drupal.
  • Memcache unification for better caching mechanism.
  • Integration of "ga_reports" module developed in-house for Google Analytics integration and representation of tracking reports within CMS
  • Amalgamation of other in-house modules
  • Immediate multilingual conversion solution
  • Minimal effort extended multi-site solution
Drupal Development Company
hybris development company


Hybris is an empowerment to create seamless digital user experiences in a single, robust platform with focus on delivering consistent, seamless shopping experiences across channels. Here’s what our Hybris team excels in

  • Omnichannel commerce — higher-end customers experiences across all touch points
  • 360-degree view of shoppers is able for the universal customer’s experience
  • Favorable usability made with satisfiable Java Enterprise solutions
  • Master data management — multiple data domains on a single platform via Backoffice product cockpit
  • Application of different tools i.e. jsp, mysql, spring, java
  • Personalization features to take overall control of the shopping process
  • Enterprise level performance with high-load peak points of users' operations
  • 24/7 server monitoring of the system deployed in сloud, Linux, Windows, MacOS
CMS development Company