Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

Our Logistics software help track Goods, Fleet and People management across the distribution channel from warehouses to retail outlets or individual customers all through a single dashboard. Our fool proof solution is enabled with RPA and along with product, vehicle and face recognition is integrated with the powerful Real time Analytics engine.

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Retail Commerce

We offer retail commerce software as well as unique online storefronts, mobile shopping app for your business to ensure seamless user experiences and engagement. There is easy provision to add and manage different categories and subcategories of products, its types and variants. This is well integrated with an efficient Order management, Invoicing system and available payment gateways, offers and discount systems and above all your existing CRM.

Inventory Management

Our Multi-channel Inventory management system enables Wholesalers and Distributors to view and manage their inventory through their personalized panels. The systems provides provision for Product Tracking using Barcode, QR codes or the advanced Object Recognition Technology facilitating in tracking every batch, every individual product accurately to ensure the Stock levels and transfers are always in sync.

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Onfield Job and Resource Management

Through our On-field Job and Resource Management solution, we empower companies to connect seamlessly with their field employees. The inoffice managers can allot work assignments or updates in real time to their field force. Likewise, the field personnel can upload pictures, docs and submit forms for approvals on the go. On top of it, provision such as Mobile attendance, Live tracking from the field, Geo-fencing enables enterprises to manage and enhance their employee’s productivity.

Smart Scheduling & Routing

Our Smart Scheduling, Routing and Dispatching software provides time-efficient and cost-effective automated solutions for any delivery, onfield workforce, courier companies. Be it a range of products, multiple customers, multiple paths or any complex unforeseen scenario, our software engine has embedded intelligence to provide the Best-Case allocation at any point in time. This compiled with periodic updates every few seconds and real-time tracking from the field make things transparent and under control for any organization improving the overall operational efficiency

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Customer Collaboration

The entire supply chain planning is to smoothen the delivery process to meet the quality and timely expectations of every customer. Our solution ensures we do not miss the customer sentiment by confirming their acceptance, getting instant feedback, happy reviews, ratings and more. Out OTB notification engine ensures the customer is UpToDate on every aspect and stage of his delivery so that if any detour, the customer expectations are not compromised

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management Solution allows the administrators to keep a track of their fleet of vehicles at any point in time without any manual intervention. The solution minimizes the risks associated with vehicle, people and goods security, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing the overall operational costs. This solution enables us to check vehicles on various parameters such as

  • The vehicle’s location
  • Whether the vehicle’s Ignition is on or off
  • If the vehicle is breaching the Geofencing range
  • Whether the vehicle is going beyond the specified speed limit
  • The fuel status in the vehicle
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Business Intelligence

With our Business Intelligence Solution, one can focus on the big picture and improving quality by reviewing and analyzing key insights received from the Big Data. The Smart Analytics Engine can say help us to know the operational efficiency of a product line, the workforce, a terrain, do customer segmentation etc. on daily, weekly, monthly basis on varying parameters This also gives access to Granular Reporting, Customizable Dashboards, Personalized charts and graphs which enable different user roles to generate reports dynamically as per individual needs and permissions Software Testing Services