Why does your brand need a custom APP STORE?

3:58 pm on Friday 18 March 2022

Only relevant, optimized & fully supported collection of apps available- No overcrowding or repetitive or cloned apps to confuse the end user.

Easier searching, installing & sharing of apps. Option available to install & uninstall multiple apps together.

Promote only those apps that are of relevance to your business & your customers. This could also mean extra monetization for you.

Only the best priority applications available with no misleading user feedbacks or opinions. Multiple Application categorizations based app types, no of downloads, star ratings, date of last update, feedbacks etc available.

With millions of apps on Iphone & Android, it’s time to get niche app stores for specific targeted audiences be it kids or education or localized information.
Gives your tablet & Smartphone customers the edge of multi app stores all at one place. Options for Multi OS (Android, iOS) cross platform app stores available to support native to hybrid apps.

Worry free installations as spam, malware, virus free installations as only authenticated developers with thoroughly tested mobile apps available.

Automatic and custom push app updates to devices periodically. Update your customer with what they want to see.

Can be used as an enterprise app store for promoting a healthy environment within the organization. It helps in enhancing communication, tracking, productivity of employees and even easier BYOD integration.

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