Mobile application development

With the advent of newer technologies spearheading the digital world, Xeliumtech is a one stop Mobile App Development Company committed to furnish the best in the Android, iOS and Hybrid app development space. Our impeccable software solutions cater up-to-the-minute technologies, leading-edge mobile and IoT devices and integration with distinguished market solutions.

Areas of Expertise

We work with you from Ideation, Design, Development to launch to help in creating and maintaining world-class Mobile apps. Our technology edge and skilled expertise in mobile app development services for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows helps deliver unprecedented quality to our clients.

Integrations with Wearables, Beacons, Sensors, Tags, Fitbit
Apps with VoIP stacks like Linphone
Apps connected to WiFi printers, Google Cloud print and Apple Airplay
Connecting with Bluetooth SPP and other profiles
Hybrid app frameworks - PhoneGap, Titanium, jQuery mobile, Sencha Touch
Push notifications - PubNub, GCM/FCM push, IOS push
Swipe card processors & Payment gateway INtegrations
Bar code & QR code generating apps
Inbuilt books and content readers
Remote GPS device controlling apps
Critical Real-Time Client-Server sync ups
Geolocation tracking and online/offline Maps
Remote attendance & Geo-fencing
Graphical analytics and Performance meters
Social media apps with Facebook, Gtalk integrations
Database connected and offline/online sync capabilities
Screen sharing, File sharing, Google Drive sharing apps
Video players, Native camera apps and Multimedia apps
Video Streaming apps and Video playback with open source for flv
Catchoom Image Recognition (IR)
Google Chromecast integration 
Augmented Reality Apps
streaming protocols
Map integration apps such Google, ARC GIS, Nokia HERE
Oracle Netsuite
Salesforce Integration
Audio, Video, text chat integration with Firebase, Twilio and Cometchat

Why are we the preferred mobile app development company

  • Vast experience in conceptualizing and implementing about a hundred apps across myriad industries.
  • Best pool of certified and highly experienced Android, iOS, Hybrid developers, React Native.
  • Strong followers of Agile Scrum, Kanban, Feature Driven Development(FDD) and Test Driven Development(TDD) models for on time and high quality deliverables. Read more
  • Every project lead by a Tech Architect with average 10years of experience.
  • Every project is facilitated by skilled resources such as BA's, PM's, Tech architects, UX, Devops, QA and Digital Marketing teams.
  • Effective reporting through inhouse tools for complete transparency and close involvement.
  • Result-oriented development implementation with right design architecture, code reviews, Unit testing, CI-CD implementation, Performance and Security checks, Scrum Meetings and more.
  • Effective documentation including Software Requirement Specifications, Architectural specifications, Sprint Plans, Test Plans, test case scenarios, Worksheets, Detailed reports and more.
  • We have Off-The-Shelf ready to use solutions for faster and higher quality deplyments.
  • Our Robust Internal Architecture that ensures performance and scalability.
  • Flexible Engagement Model enables to pick comprehensive models as per your requirements.

Android App Development

Android being popular with its every update is attributed to its flexibility and user-friendliness, Xeliumtech helps build quality user-centric and highly versatile Android apps. These can be Interactive end user applications, Enterprise and Business Apps, Utility Apps, High end Media apps, Social apps all finely created with focus on scalability and sturdiness and support across all Android Devices.

android app development company
ios app development company

Iphone App Development

Usability and slickness of the iOS apps are what drives high end users towards the iPhone and iPad market. Xeliumtech brings together collaboration of knowledge, experience, technologies, and tools together for building bespoke iOS solutions. We leverage proven agile methodology, multi-tier quality checks and in-house talent to deliver end-to-end custom apps that leverage to the best of iOS technology.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid Applications combine the best of both worlds - web and native applications. These hybrid apps with embedded webviews combine the power of HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3 with Native features to develop best of Hybrid experience. Xeliumtech has an experienced team of best in class Hybrid Application developers who implement ideas to build scalable and secure hybrid apps that have the ability to work on any platform. Apart from our inhouse hybrid technology solutions, we provide support for many market standard tools.

Hybrid App Development company
Cross Platform App Development Company

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform mobile platforms drive to build & maintain mobile apps for different platform with minimal effort. These apps help by investing in a framework that reduces effort, time & cost. Xeliumtech owns a team of skilled professionals with proficiency in different cross platform technologies such as React Native along with support for market standard tools such as PhoneGap, Sencha, Xamarin that help to build apps compatible with different devices.

Native App Development

Xeliumtech excels in native mobile application development building visually spectacular, sturdy and high-performance apps indigenously built for every platform. Our teams are adept in technologies like Java, Objective C and Swift to build tightly coupled native apps for the android and iOS platforms.

 Native App Development Company
React Native App Development Company

React Native App Development

We have an experienced edge in open-source mobile application development frameworks like React Native Application as the framework has simplicity from JavaScript and the cogency of Facebook. React Native is used to create apps for all platforms with a single code base. With this, we at Xelium can provide you with an app that has built-in low cost, less time, fewer efforts having near-native experience.

Progressive Web App Development

With experienced inhouse PWA developers, we create high-performance and light-on-pocket offerings from the best of both native apps and websites. Our Progressive Web app development services cater to creating world class web apps that are like mobile apps with offline usage, push notifications and better performance and like websites in terms of technology implementation, costing, minimal requirements etc making them a perfect business proposition for you.

Progressive Web App Development Company
Lite App Development Company

Lite App Development

We help create Lite Apps that are smaller, lighter and feature-restricted versions of normal heavy-weight apps. Our team focuses on including essential core features to support them on poor network, low memory and simpler devices. With the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter all having their Lite apps, this has become a mandate to reach entire horizon of users.

Domains we have worked for

With the right Experience and Expertise, Xeliumtech sees no restraint of ideas and implementation as an Android and iPhone App Development Company. Xeliumtech’s proven technology ingeniousness across a wide spectrum of Industries from Small to Big Enterprises ensures your product is in the best hands being nurtured by the best minds.

App Development Company

M-commerce Apps

Health and Diagnostic Apps

Social Networking Apps

Entertainment & Utility Apps

Live streaming TV apps

Hospitality and Event Management

Ordering & Delivery apps

FMCG Business Apps

Live Tracking apps

Enterprise Level and B2B apps

Education & Training Industry

Pre-bundled and MVAS applications

Technologies We Work Upon

Xeliumtech is adept at all technologies and skillsets essential for mobile apps development for varied platforms including Java, Android, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React Native, Flutter, Phonegap, Sencha, Xamarin, Python, jQuery mobile, c#, UX/UI Design Skills, agile technologies, Standard IDE’s, mobile testing and automation, debugging, security and performance tools. When it comes to mobility, Xeliumtech is the leading mobile app development company in Gurgaon.

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