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Our Ubiquitous AI solutions involving Knowledge Engineering, Data Discovery & Visualization, Machine Learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Data, Speech and Image Recognition, Developing smart BOTS and high end data analytics are all ingeniously developed in-house which facilitates in smart cost-effective solutions being offered to our clients. As an IoT app development company and leading Robotics company, we believe in adding world Class Intelligence and Automation to every facet of your Business taking it to the next level.

Drone Technology

Designing, constructing and operating Drones, Quadcopters, gliders, fixed wings and fly wings etc These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be Tethered/Wireless, Fully autonomous, all terrain drones that assist in aerial photography, surveillance, commercial, scientific, recreational usage.

Drone Companies
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Internet of Things

Smart homes, Health care, Smart Offices, Warehouses, Robotic Belts, Sorters, Automobiles – IoT has become an indispensable part of our lives. We help providing ultra-smart custom applications linked with Wearables, Beacons, Sensors or Tags for real-time device management with powerful insights and Analytics

our robotics work

We are providing creative and Custom RPA Solutions to Medium and Large organizations which require a complete different approach. Have a look to our work through the video.