Why Drupal is The Best Fit For You

6:17 pm on Friday 12 July 2019

With several CMS in the market, deciding which one to use can be a daunting task. Here we help you understand why Drupal is the best fit for your small or big sized project any day.


  1.    Reduced Development Costs

Being an open source platform, Drupal doesn’t need any license to offer any class of progression in work. Its core software, contributed modules, and plenty of themes are free to use, thereby reducing web development effort and hence the overall project costs. Drupal allows easy access to users and CMS Development Companies, without restricting any program from being utilized. 

  1.    Extensive Support

The reason for being so popular and widely used is that Drupal offers immense support from its strong community. If you want to get started on Drupal or are stuck with a serious issue, the wide community of Drupal developers and users is available to provide quick solutions. The continuous enhancements and fixes by the community give Drupal the needed edge. 

  1.    Easy Customization

Drupal offers more than 2,600 themes and thousands of free community accessible Modules (36000+) to add easy functionality and design options to your site enabling quick and easy customization as per your niche requirements. This makes it easier for Drupal Companies to add modifications without spending much time and efforts. 

  1.    Enhanced Security Attribute

With the increase in cyber security issues, website security has become a major concern for e-commerce and other site owners. Drupal's built-in security is strong, rendering important data that does not allow direct access to configure files. There is no surprise that some big sites namely -,, are using Drupal as their first choice. 

  1.    Optimum Choice for Large and Heavy User Traffic Website

From running small or large enterprise level setups, Drupal offers great hosting and serves the right choice in managing and keeping track of bulk data. So from planning a decent server infrastructure to making arrangements for reliable hosting to right Backup/migration setup; Drupal makes website creation and management a hassle-free job. It can support several WebPages and users requests simultaneously. It offers several inbuilt tools and techniques to increase website performance such as client and server-side caching. 

  1.    High-Scalability

With Drupal, one can extend Drupal core to the next level by its contributed modules which get integrated smoothly into the built-in system. Because of their open-source availability, one can edit, create, and delete modules as needed. Also, there are headless Drupal distributions for creating mobile apps without the website panels. In today’s time, Drupal is perhaps the best choice for creating high performing robust applications. 

  1.    SEO Friendly

Along with offering SEO friendly URLs, Drupal allows users to organize and categorize content with rich keywords and meta tags. It is a powerful system which enables search website optimization with its SEO friendly features and unique modules. 

  1.    Flexibility/Ease of use for all stakeholders

Drupal provides several OTB features to development companies for Ease of use for Non-tech personnel. It offers a non-technical administrator to set Meta tags, Edit, and Customized Content as per their requirement. You have segregated users like site admins, content editors apart from developers with distinct roles and privileges. This takes the load off the developers. Its WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop functionality are its biggest pros.


Wrapping it all up!!

It requires a lot of time and effort in selecting the right CMS for creating and maintaining the site in the long run. Selecting Drupal can be a game-changing thing for many website owners.

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