How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The World Of Medicine

3:43 pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021

Of the many technological prophecies, we read as children, AI is one of the most wondrous and intriguing. The potential that AI holds as a remarkable advanced tool especially in the field of medicine is immense. Enlisted below are a multiple of ways in which AI has been flamboyantly incorporated to bring about stellar changes, so much so, that they'll surprise you.

Better Diagnosis: Undisputed diagnosis has been quite the bone of contention for practitioners and patients alike. Different diseases manifest with negligible difference in symptoms making it hard for the doctors to always get it right. Considering the precision, sensitivity and accuracy AI brings to the table, this challenge doesn't seem to be daunting anymore.

Faster Drug Development: Developing drugs is an intensive process that requires both cash flow and tremendous meticulousness. Incorporating AI can reduce years of work and millions in investments. AI is now being successfully implemented in the 4 main stages of drug development.

Personalized treatment: Well, it's almost 2020 and the future of medicine with personalized treatment has started to unfurl. Different patients respond to drugs and treatment schedules differently. The Machine Learning algorithm is enabled in such ways that it can predict a patient’s probable response to a particular treatment.

Improved gene editing: Because of the efficiency AI and machine learning promise, both have found their way into the molecular realm, making the intricate task of editing the DNA a palpable and cost-effective reality.

AI Avatars to cope with anxiety and depression: The current scenario concerning mental health in individuals is dim. Many blame the internet and computers, talking about how they cause alienation, isolation and anxiety. Yet, in one elegant experiment [1], researchers at USC found out that participants readily shared their innermost secrets to an avatar named Ellie as compared to another human.


There is a new paradigm shift with the advent of AI that has led to numerous emerging trends in AI research and adoption.

AI demonstrates superior sensitivity and specificity in contrast to a human doctor

For instance, while classifying suspicious skin lesions into benign or malignant, AI had superior sensitivity and specificity than dermatologists.

AI is here to stay and so are doctors

Yes, AI is all that a man isn't but it is also not what man is. Patients need human doctors; they need the empathy and compassion that an AI can't provide. Therefore, AI is here to support doctors and not replace them.

AI support in poorly resourced domains

To remotely located areas or human dependent services, AI is a blessing in disguise. One AI system can support a large population and therefore it is ideally suited to situations where human expertise is a scarce resource.

There is no doubt that AI is an incredible aid in the present tech-driven world. With further strategic integration and a mutually beneficial relationship between practitioners and AI, the future of man and his interaction with machine seems quite a promising one.

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