Robotic Process Automation

Desktop Automation


Autonomic Process Automation

To enable Business Process Automation, we have capabilities in Desktop Automation involving Simple Transactional data(scripting, macros etc), Robotic Process Automation involving Structured or iterative data and Autonomic Process Automation involving unstructured data


  • Beautiful Soup- Python based library
  • Scrapy – Python library
  • RPA Express – Free Suite

Cognitive RPA and ML

  • TensorFlow opensource - Machine Learning and Neural network .

Invoicing & reporting

  • Templated Invoice generations using PHPExcel and Custom development
  • Google Charts, JSCharts , Kibana

Excel and Email robots

  • PHP7 based Notification Robot for Web, Mobiles running as Microservice.
  • Excel manipulations with Opensource xls libs

OCR/Image Recognition

  • Opensource Tesseract
  • Google OCR services.
  • Catchoom image recognition

Screen Automation

  • RPA Express – Free Suite

Media Robot

  • OpenSource: FFMPEG
  • Image conversion, Video handling

Location robots and Fraud

  • PenCellId integration, GPS locations.
  • GeoFencing based on MongoDB location management.
  • Location fraud detection
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