Digital Marketing

Our SEO team works to prioritize your site using a combination of time-proven techniques to improve rankings, visibility and overall internet presence.

It includes creating strategic promotion plans and working continuously towards on page and off page strategies to leverage your brand vis-à-vis your competitors.

Custom Social Media Management (Facebook, twitter, LInkedin,Instagram, PInterest , Google+, Youtube and others) is based on company's portfolio and target audience to create out of the box strategies to leverage Brand’s USP and Domain of Expertise . Our expert team creates content, Designs campaigns Write articles, Post regular updates about the company, its products, services, new offerings.

Our campaigns are designed after thorough Competition Analysis to stay ahead of competition and Create TOM recall and Long Term Engagement for the customers. Our techniques target Geo-trageting and help improving the relevant Social Signals.

To reach a wider audience in a short span of time, it is important to leverage alternate paid mechanisms as following.
Google Adwords.
Google Banner Ads.
Facebook Promotions

Work on chosen demographics such as Location, age, gender, interests and more Analyzing and choosing the right keywords and managing their optimal bid value Design & post banner ads of relevant sizes on target sites Google Analytics & Web Master Installation and monitoring.

Video Marketing including idea conceptualization and creation & promotion Email Marketing includes designing EDM’s, setting up crons and sending Emails Content writing and Technical/Non-Technical Content development & promotion Mobile Marketing & promotion techniques.