Top 5 Technology Trends Emerging in 2018

7:57 pm on Monday 1 January 2018

Technology has superimposed virtual world into the real world in such a way that it has created a massive disruption in all industries. We all know that tech trends keep changing in the tech world. Some trends fizzle out in a short span of time while most of them have a remarkable impact on the tech community. So, we comes up with a list of top 5 rising tech trends that will have a significant impact in year 2018.

Datafication of Lives:

As a large number of people adopting the technology in their day-to-day life and consuming data every second. Users are renouncing a stream of data utilizing it in messaging app to fulfil their daily routine tasks. And this growing datafication has led to massive explosion in the record of data. And according to the records and stats, the data consumption is rapidly growing and need to be make high the volume of data. So, it is presumed to double up it every two year.

IoT (Internet of Things):

IoT accredit services are growing every day. Mostly connecting devices such as smartphones, wearables are playing vital role in the growing data. And a massive amount of internet users inspired technology to transform each and every thing into a smart service. And now it is going to be possible within upcoming three years that more than 250 million cars will be connected with IoT facilitated smart car solutions.

The Growth of AI (Artificial Intelligence):

The technical and mobile app development companies are opting to create AI to replace the conventional jobs. And the growth of AI can improve the huge amount of data and computing capabilities. The enhancement in AI previously within two years stipulates that 2018 will be all about the AI facilitated solutions and software.


As blockchain is well renowned, practical and safe solution for storing data. It is an incorruptible digital ledger that creates multiple chained blocks of information where each block maintains cryptographically approved data which is impossible for an individual to break. The complete chain is self-managed, enabling to give the whole control to one specific individual or organization. Sectors like insurance, financial services, and healthcare can have numerous use-cases for blockchain. While blockchain is not completely hack-proof, it has a huge leap forward as compared to the current data security technologies.

3D Printing:

The invention of this technology has been distorting for many industries. The enhancements in the 3D printing technology have come a long way in the last few years. The conventional industries like manufacturing, prototyping have been heavily benefitted by 3D printing. The use of technology was limited to only prototyping a few years ago. The technology is used for 3D printing everything right from plastic to chocolate and human tissues. The improvements in 3D printing will give rise to new business sectors in 2018.

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