Official Announcement of Android O for Nexus and Pixel Devices by Google

6:01 pm on Sunday 15 December 2019

Google has announced the new version of Android O that is known as Android 7.12 Nougat for nexus and pixel devices. This update is Google's new “incremental maintenance release” strategy. Google has uploaded Android O build images for its different devices like; Nexus 6P, 5X and Nexus Player together with Pixel devices. Android O Preview can be downloaded manually and reflected on the adaptable devices and experience the updated taste of Android. 

Everyone is eager to know the new and updated features of Android O, So, we're here to explain them:

Notification Channels: Application developers can build notification channels and an end-user can take full charge or manage the notifications as he/she can individually turn on and off.  You can snooze every notification for 15m, 30m or 1hr. Developers not required to amend the complete set of notifications for an individual application but they can block and amend the single channel.

Background Limit assists in Saving Battery: The main idea is that the system will automatically limit the running power and capacities of background applications, in a manner that won't be destructive for users at the time of decreasing complete resource use.

Flexible Launcher Icons: This feature allows the different structures across, unlike devices. The smartphone OEM comes along with a mask utilized by the OS in form of a template. The icons are concluded on the basis of the model.

Official Autofill API: This feature will save a person from typing the similar things again and again. It will enable the applications to make an entry as a system-wide jobholder of autofill services. It's just like to choose a keyboard. This feature collects and protects the user data like; address, user name, and password etc.

Latest PIP (Picture-In-Picture) Video Mode: Just like Android TV, Android O will enable you Picture-In-Picture mode. The user can now watch videos along with other activities on the smartphone.

Support to AptX Bluetooth Audio Codecs: This feature will allow high-quality audio codecs like LDAC codec to be supported for streaming to Bluetooth speakers and headsets. Wi-Fi Aware is a feature that allows the devices to connect with wi-fi. And this will be done without any cellular data connection and active internet access point.

The aforementioned features of Android O are major updates by Google that a user can experience. Android O is catching up on a lot that users have been waiting for.

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