Leading Android App Development Trends

11:45 pm on Sunday 30 June 2019

Since previous 10 years, Android has been playing a noteworthy platform for mobile phones over the globe. The innovation that once evolve the smart phones presently has turned into a million dollar business. Throughout the years Google has given numerous updates to Android from Marshmallow to the most recent Oreo, implanted with new features without fail. This has demonstrated that incorporating the mobile applications to your business will guarantee the ROI enhancement. The majority of the business as of now have their own particular mobile application yet sparkling among the 3.6 million Android applications in Google Play Store requires additional endeavors. Keeping in mind the end goal to be in front of others, you should know about the most recent Android application development trends. 

These trends incorporate the most recent Android innovation that aides the applications in improving the user experience. The mobile applications adjusting these trends as right on time as conceivable can establish an incredible connection on the users and experience exponential climb in the quantity of downloads. Look at these best 5 Android application development trends to support your application with the most recent innovation. 

1. Machine Learning and AI In Android Mobile Apps 

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the significant leaps forward for mobile application innovation lately. The joining of AI empowers the applications to effortlessly handle the intricate procedures alongside extra aptitudes. With the assistance of machine learning, the designers can make their applications more intelligent than for the users. The items like chatbots are now utilizing the innovation for understanding human conduct for better collaborations. 

Here are the most recent Android improvement drifts under AI and Machine learning:

Profound learning hypothesis- This vertical of machine learning encourages the PC frameworks to mimic the human mind with the assistance of neural systems. 

Capsule Networks- It is the improved type of neural systems that assistance in keeping up the various leveled relationship. 

Automated machine learning (AutoML)- The AutoML is particularly created for the business applications. The proprietors can manufacture machine learning models for their business with AutoML without the requirement for a mind boggling programming environment. 

The combination of AI has brought about extraordinary user experience and way to new features.

2. Android Instant Apps 

In 2016, Google has presented the Instant applications at its yearly developer meeting that changed the conventional approach of the designers. The new innovation from the tech goliath empowered the users to open an application in the Google Play Store without installing it. A year ago, the organization has discharged the designers unit of the innovation that gives engineers a chance to fabricate their own particular Instant applications. The designers can give a specific piece of the application in the store that will enable the user to connect without downloading it. With this strategy, the user will have the capacity to encounter the item without squandering their mobile data and time. As per Google more than 500 million gadgets currently underpins the Android instant applications. 

The most recent version of Android Studio enables the developers to modularize their application for the users to get to a little bit of it as an Instant application. The Android Instant applications evacuate every one of the boundaries between and offer the more advantageous alternative to the users. Once the users got to the application and enjoyed it they can download for utilizing the total adaptation for additionally utilize. For the time being, there are just some applications having the Instant application adaptation, so it's an incredible possibility for your application to draw in the users with this most recent trend.

3. Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 

AMP is an open source venture that was begun with the joint activity of Twitter and Google. AMP is the stripped down version of the HTML that makes the mobile pages lightweight and loads quicker. The innovation empowered the developers to assemble complex site pages that can be stacked quicker over all the smart phones. The site pages assembled utilizing the AMP are tended to stack 15 to 85% quicker than the non-AMP website pages. The decreased loading time improves the user encounter and furthermore help the distributers in accomplishing better user commitment. Google has likewise given the mobile search index that puts the AMP inviting site pages higher in the search. 

With the assistance of AMP, you will have the capacity to get:

1. Higher search ranking

2. Higher CTR 

3. Low bounce rate

4. Better user engagement 

5. Higher user retention 

4. Internet Of Things (IoT) In Android App Development 

The Internet of Things is the innovation that makes a helpful environment for individuals by associating the electronic gadgets. To put it all the more basically, the designers have made conceivable to control distinctive electronic gadgets utilizing your smart phone. The innovation has just turned into an indispensable piece of our living. The home automation producers are ceaselessly taking a shot at the framework to concoct upgraded brilliant home developments that can be controlled utilizing smart phones or applications. 

Android applications equipped with the IoT compatibility will be favored by the buyers in the upcoming time. With a specific end goal to lead the mobile application showcase, you have to ensure that your Android App must use the IoT to snatch a greatest number of users' consideration. 

5. Cloud-Based Android Apps 

The demands and desire for the Android users have gone significantly higher over a significant time span. This drove the developers to implant more mind boggling and substantial features to their mobile applications. The perplexing programming and extra features accompany more space prerequisite and make the application slow. To take care of this issue the developers have begun moving towards the cloud-based Android applications. These applications are supported by the cloud storage that evacuates the weight of substantial information or data. What's more, the cloud-based android applications additionally guarantee the entrepreneurs that they can get to the information whenever and anyplace. Also, this innovation conveys the security solutions for the developers. The cloud-based android applications are a few times more secure than the applications with local storage to ensure users' secret information. 

Here are the advantages of cloud-based Android applications:

1. Uncompromised information security for business applications 

2. Information can be gushed all the more advantageously from cloud storage 

3. Makes the application works speedier on Android devices 

4. Reduction in hosting and hardware cost 

So due to these trends mostly every android app development company is choosing Android platform instead of any other.

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