Is your Business not on Mobile yet? Don’t worry, we tell you how to?

6:43 pm on Friday 15 November 2019

Get your website optimized for the handheld devices. A well-designed responsive website will ensure it adjusts itself to the various handheld devices. Optimizing means adaptable screen sizes, viable technology use, easier navigability and most importantly a seamless enriching user experience.

Get a sub domain for a mobile website ie an m dot domain to host your mobile specific website separately in case you do not wish to redo your existing site.

Keep yourself searchable through mobile. For instance, keep yourself updated on Google places and various local search listings.

Get a static mobile application for yourself. If you just wish to share important relevant information with your customers, a static information app will be light on your pocket as well as get you the needed mobile visibility.

If big means better for you, you should go for a dynamic mobile app that connects you seamlessly with your Customers. Get your customers information and requirements on the go and push your updates to them in real time. For e.g. – how about informing your previous buyers about a new product or launch through a custom push notification on their mobile screens?
M-commerce & Customer engagements – Yes, if your customer likes your product or service, why wait for him to purchase when he goes online on his laptop. Integrating payment systems on mobile is as easy as sharpening a pencil today.
From instant information retrieval to long lasting customer engagements, give your users what they are looking for.

Give your customers an end to end experience on mobile and promise they’ll never go anywhere.

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