Android Apps: The New Age Necessity

4:12 pm on Sunday 15 March 2020


Making life easy

Mobility is the new necessity of modern life. Wherever one goes, it becomes ubiquitous to carry the whole world with oneself -PDFs, snaps,songs, mails, games; everything available at a tap of the button. With this,making lives even easier is Android. The new age Droid, (latest version KitKat 4.4) has all basic Google apps pre-installed, working, and serving. And with that comes the freedom to install myriad applications that just make our lives simpler and fun.


Apps that kick start and make your day



Alarm Clock Plus makes sure you hit off the bed, just the right time. Cardio Trainer is your Eve-ready mobile fitness partner. Drop box is your mobile drawer that has all your documents, photos, videos; keeping your lifestyle organised. Pulse helps you catch up with your favorite blogs and news sites, keeping you updated in every way. Netflix lets you watch your favorite TV and movies, right from where you last left them off. 


One for all

Android being the first successful open source mobile platform has taken the entire globe by a storm. Technology was never so reachable and affordable for the common man. Thanks to Android. A Smartphone has indeed become smarter with the choice of Android.  A developer’s paradise, the innovation and new development quotient for Android is unbeatable.


Heir of the www leader

Coming from the cradle of the internet giant Google, Android had to be the apple of everybody’s eye. It can leverage the other successful offspring’s of the www leader anytime anywhere and infact always. Just like the benefit of syncing your Google account credentials with your Droid makes things easier.Mails and contacts are always up-to-date. In case of theft or lost phone, the next Droid you purchase will have all your information once you start using it.


The Google Play stores the personal smart-shopping destination. All that your smart phone needs to work, well, smart! From applications to updates, and the gratis of being able to share apps coded by you, make it the best possible sharer platform. The ease of distribution makes play store a business ground of sorts, of course for the tech savvy.


Therefore, what can be better than a place to find all you need and to bring forth all you develop?


Android is the answer

With innumerable apps that simply weave into your daily schedule and make themselves at home, being a Droider is all but boredom and mess. Who would not want a phone that just reminds you what to do when you step into your room (Google maps sync your location with the task to be done when you are there) and keeps tabs on who to tell what when you next call them? Is not Android therefore another name for ‘being-so-cool’?


Apps to stay in touch with friends, apps to entertain and engage and apps that gives you a reason to smile everyday!


With a life where everything is so fast, on the go information and entertainment is a necessity. Organizing tasks and well,remembering to do them at the right time, is the real deal. And making life more fun, with the coolest apps of the millennium is all that one roots for.And well, Android is the answer.

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