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Designing and constructing Robotic Arms, Autonomous robots, Wireless Controlled Robot, Android robots, Play robots, Robotic Cranes, Bluetooth robots, Touch Controlled Robots and more. These Robots are embedded with Swarm Intelligence, Interfacing Sensors, Wireless Communication to execute defined jobs and provide automation to augment manually driven slow and iterative processes

Drone Technology

Designing, constructing and operating Drones, Quadcopters, gliders, fixed wings and fly wings etc These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be Tethered/Wireless, Fully autonomous, all terrain drones that assist in aerial photography, surveillance, commercial, scientific, recreational usage.

Drone Companies
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Internet of Things

Smart homes, Health care, Smart Offices, Warehouses, Robotic Belts, Sorters, Automobiles – IoT has become an indispensable part of our lives. We help providing ultra-smart custom applications linked with Wearables, Beacons, Sensors or Tags for real-time device management with powerful insights and Analytics

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Xeliumtech boasts of its robust internal architecture that helps us create sturdy and scalable apps. Our streamlined processes and stringent quality checks are earnest endeavor to build better software in lesser time

With our passion for innovation and excellence, we add wings to technology so that you can fly high with our bespoke solutions.

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