Quality Assurance and other R&D peripherals


Our team is well versed with various aspects of functional and non-functional testing. We use many indigenous as well as market standard tools to check and capture data.

User Interface & Usability Testing

Our Test Engineers understand the significance of smooth, intuitive, navigable User Interfaces. They minutely keep a check on various aspects of Graphical User Interface including Themes, Fonts, Colors Combinations, Layouts, Positioning, Styling and more. We understand that apart from visual aesthetics, it is imperative for user-centered designs to be interactive and fluid in nature

Regression Testing

We perform periodic regression testing to uncover any bug from recent fixes. This testing ensures that existing functionalism are unaffected after a new defect fix or a new enhancement is added to the existing application. We Keep updating and adding new Test cases for new functionalism regularly. With every build, we have associated sanity, nightly, weekly regressions

Load Testing

We do Load test to understand the behavior of our developed system under a specific expected load for instance the expected concurrent number of users on the application performing a specific number of transactions within the set duration. These figures are evaluated and compared over a due course of time to keep the performance at bay

Stress/Performance Testing

We do various types of performance testing including Stress to determine the system's robustness in terms of extreme load or the upper brackets of stress that the app/website can sustain without breaking up.

Security testing

We understand Data encryption, Information security, Prevent unauthorized accesses, Server Management, adding SQL Injections, Vulnerability assessments, Authentication issues and more are essential to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Project Management

Systematic planning, Scheduling, Effort Estimation, Timely Tracking, Cross geographical multi-resource management are essential for success of any project. We follow industry standard tools and technologies to track all projects bottom up enabling us in on time and high quality deliveries. We have a team of dedicated project managers who work at the ground level to understand and execute your projects to perfection


Any business process automation, regressions implementation to complete build and release automation, we help you reduce costs and uncover defects early. We help automate your existing web or mobile solutions with least possible manual intervention such that your get the final results and analysis delivered to your mailbox. Apart from industry standard automation solutions, Our teams are well versed with various scripting languages such as shell, PERL, JS and more to facilitate in your softwares automation process

Configuration Management

Efficient change management systems implementation & management. We have worked on several industry standard Version Control Systems including Git, SVN, Clearcase, Perforce and CVS