Robotic Process Automation and its Applications

6:42 pm on Wednesday 19 January 2022

What is RPA?

RPA is a software program that runs on end-user devices like PC, laptop or mobile and executes a sequence of commands under a predefined set of business rules with the help of bots. Its tools can be used to automate a business functionality, infrastructure, and back-office workflow. In addition to this, the bots can collaborate with an in-house application, website and system portal.   

The main objective of the Robotic Process Automation function is to replace the repetitive and common tasks performed by humans. Most companies want to automate their repetitive and mundane work to save costs and give their employees more meaningful roles in the organization. This not only improves the company's productivity but also enhances their overall working experience. RPA works with great accuracy and speed which can be monitored on a dashboard panel. Its application finds a place in various sectors like healthcare, education, finance and many more.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation :

  1. RPA tools do not require any new development code or access to the database, just understanding the steps that your team members carry out
  2. Much faster in execution as it is not prone to human errors which saves time.
  3. Decreases the Operation cost and gives better ROI.
  4. Improved Accuracy with enhanced Flexibility.
  5. Increase the productivity of different business units and hence business is enhanced overall  
  6. Decreases security-related efforts associated with employees (e.g. password management, applications of privacy settings) as it ensures a zero-touch environment
  7. Given higher precision and faster throughput, it gives high-quality customer services

Applications of RPA:

1. E-Commerce Industry :

E-commerce (online shopping) Services are becoming easy with RPA. It manages the inventory addition and management, order summary,  takes feedback on customer requests and quickly responds to customer questions, manages and handles the shipping orders. Moreover it also assist the physical workforce to drive their work with efficiency by precisely managing the process of supply chain

2. Banking Industry :

RPA has driven the banking process to a whole new level by digitizing the entire process, from customer queries to be solved by a chatbot to opening a bank account in a fraction of minutes which used to take days. Also it eliminates the human effort for the work which is repetitive in nature.

Use of effective optical character recognition has reduced the paper data which gets dumped and not monitored, instead the data is now fetched into excel sheets and analysed regularly reducing the losses to the bank.  By using RPA technology, customers get complete information on clicks from the banking system. It identifies the customer and obtains personal information, transaction details, credit-debit information and gives quick feedback on customer queries.

3. Payroll management (HR) :

With the help of RPA technology, you can easily handle large tasks which save time and give more accuracy. 

Payroll management bot checks with the central attendance repository the leaves taken by the employees and matches it with their actual applied as well as approved leaves to give a fair idea of loss of pay to be done or not. Secondly, it also automatically shoots Emails to the employees in order to seek any missed information. It is a perfect buddy to the HR department as they can now focus well on the employee grievances and recreational activities.

4. Health Care :

No more hassles of standing in the long queues at the billing counters is a bounty to the healthcare domain from the automation industry. By using RPA technology, Hospitals manage the registration data, billing transactions, and patients record data easily.

Notably, the patient’s prescription data is now collected and used to have a better understanding of their medical history has taken the diagnostics to a different level of accuracy. With the help of artificial  intelligence and machine learning doctors can now understand the basic crux of a problem that happened to a patient in no time. 

5. Travel and logistics :

RPA is used to manage all registration and ticket booking details of passengers and maintain the registered passenger information. It is also used to reduce the workload of executives taking customer data and saves more time. It also helps in report generation and analytics

6. Inventory Management :

It is interesting to note the role of RPA in managing the inventories at the warehouses. Bots are now keeping the track of orders received as well as delivered ensuring that there occurs no shortage of material in the inventory.

The process is as follows:

  1. Read the purchase order information received from the email/ecommerce portal

  2. Material availability validation is then done from the inventory

  3. If material is available, information mail is sent to the customer providing the order acceptance and the tracking ID after shipment is done. 

  4. In case material is not available, customer is sent with an unavailability note via email

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